Tips & Suggestions:

Call for your free Bridal Consultation as soon as possible!

You want us, your Florist, to reserve you Wedding Day for you before we fill our calendar and you are left going without us, your first choice. The Wedding Calendar does fill up rather quickly especially on those popular dates!

Trust Us: Arrangements of cool contrasting colors (think mint green and cherry red) are definitely vivacious. But when picking a palette, make sure the flowers will suit your wedding style and colors.

Remember: Size Matters!
Be sure your bouquets aren't too heavy or too hard to carry. Trust us: you won't want that burden. And don't choose the bridal and attendants' bouquets without regard to style of dress or body shape. A delicate nosegay will get lost against an elaborate ruffled dress, for example, and a small bride will be overshadowed by a massive cascading arrangement.

Find out when we will have access to your ceremony and reception site on the big day. Make necessary arrangements to ensure that everything is coming up roses before you hit the aisle.

Be sure to coordinate the delivery time of your bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres with your photographer's arrival -- you'll want them to be worn or held in formal pictures.

If you're keeping bouquets in vases of water to maintain freshness before the ceremony, don't forget to dry the stems thoroughly before handing them out to the girls. You don't want water stains on the front of all the dresses moments before they take the aisle.

You don't toss the actual bridal bouquet -- many brides have their florists create a smaller tossing bouquet for the traditional ritual.

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